Reaching for the GOALS, while watching the 2013 VMAs

3:24 PM

Good evening fashion lovers! I haven't been posting a lot lately because school has started. Trying to get back into the swing of things. A couple things I plan to do for my fall blogging season are to :

*Post at least 3 times a week (Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday)
*Have giveaways and other contests
*Work in retail
*Build my styling portfolio
*Network more!!

Hopefully this won't add any stress to my plate as I know how the fashion and school life can be sometimes.

Anywho, did ya watch the VMA's??

Personally, I enjoyed Miley Cyrus's performance :) "You get the best of both worlds!" It's no more Hannah Montana that can be linked to Miley's cool character now. Aside from Lady Gaga's awesome comeback (Sue me I love the Gag!) the VMA's were pretty nice.

You see the hat below!! I first saw it sported by rapper/singer Becky G on the 2013 VMA's ! This beanie is dope as phuck! Her whole outfit carried the attitude brought by the beanie.

New Look AIN'T NO WIFEY Beanie In Black
I ordered this beanie from Choies. Get the $16 beanie here.

Photo Source: ShopYourTv

The beanie Becky G is rocking comes from Dimepiece LA. Get the $32 beanie here.

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