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We’ve all used some form of synthetic hair before, whether it was braids, twists, faux buns, and the list goes on; nevertheless we always seem to discard the hair. We think that once the hair is installed then taken down that it is no good anymore.


I’m here to tell you that synthetic hair is reusable. I wish I knew about synthetic hair then as much as I know now, but it’s still a great time to learn.

Synthetic hair is of synthetic fibers. It does not have the properties of human hair (being able to withstand high heat), but it can be manipulated to hold a curl, all it takes is hot water and flexi-rods or perm rods, but that’s another tutorial!

Awhile ago I did some Havana twists on my hair. Only as protective styling since I didn’t want to hassle with my natural hair. The hairstyle lasted for 4 weeks. It took like 6 hrs total to finish. I did on inch sections so that cut down the time drastically. The hair I used was Marley braid hair by Femi Collection, it cost like $4.99 per pk and I used 9 pks.

I could’ve thrown this hair away when I took it down, but I kept it in a bag for later. Today, I'll show you guys how to wash this type of hair.

Products used:
-Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner $5.97 *WALMART*

First, I gathered all the hair up. It was a ton of hair! Then, I separated it into 3 bundles, working with one bundle at a time. 

I then filled my sink 1/3 of the way up with lukewarm water and soaked the hair for 5-7 mins getting it saturated with water. 
Draining the sink, I rung the water out the hair in a twist and pull motion. I took the conditioner into my hands, lathered the product and applied to the hair all the way to the ends. Filling the sink again, I added some conditioner to the water and sat the hair back in the water for another 5-7 minutes.

Now, you want to wash the hair as if it were your own considering the fact it was in your head. If you applied any products while this hair was in your head it has PRODUCT BUILD UP, which is why the section that was twisted in your hair had this gray/linty look to it.

Now, we are conditioning the hair to not only get rid of smells (sweat, etc), but to clean and soften the hair. Marley hair comes in single strands, but you put as many as you would like together to get the desire width for your twists. I did like six single strands. The conditioner and water combined makes the single strands more easier to come apart and that's what you want. After you you condition, rinse and ring out the water, then hang to dry.

The hair takes at least 5-6 hrs to fully dry. Hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have any other techniques on how to wash Marley hair please let me know in the comment section. :)

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