Curling Synthetic Hair With Flexi-Rods Step by step process

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We often get sucked into the scheme of purchasing "human hair" because it holds a curl better or looks more realistic than synthetic hair. Well, you can do just as much if not the same with synthetic hair, even though you may not be allowed to add high heat causing the fibers to melt. Here I'm going to teach you how to get your synthetic hair to curl.

-Pk of synthetic hair (I'm using silky jumbo braiding hair)
-Flexi-rods (small, medium, or large)
-Hot Water

So first you want to take the hair out the pack and do some light brushing. Start brushing from the bottom to the top not top to bottom it will cause the hair to tangle and we don't want that to happen.
Once hair is brushed, cut in half unless you want long length. Take a good bit (thumb width) of hair and wrap around flexi-rod. As you begin to wrap twist the hair as you wrap so the curl won't be so flat.

All the hair is wrapped? Now it's time to put some heat to it. Grab a bowl and full it with water put it in the microwave for 5-7 minutes so the water can be hot. It needs to be hot so the hair can curl. Dip the hair in the water and let it sit for 10-15 seconds. Remove from water. Now you can unwrap the hair then or let it air dry. I prefer to let the hair air dry so you place it on a towel.
When you unwrap the hair the curls should be bouncy. Depending on how close you wrapped the hair you can have a tight or loose curl. Since I had seen wefts on this bulk synthetic hair I unwrapped, then finger detangled it. This is how to curl your synthetic hair!

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