Thrify Friday

8:56 AM

Hey fashionistas! These are a few items I picked up recently from out of town thrift stores. Thrifting gives me such a thrill because there's always hidden treasure in the Goodwill. I particularly love thrifted purses. Ooh they just call my name when I'm shopping! Lol. The two purses were no more than $2 a piece and.they were in mint condition. I also found a pair of floral print high-waist shorts, which are a great fit. I finally found some overalls I had been dying to get for months now. I love the 1950s look these overalls give me. This is my main DIY project before Independence day comes in a few weeks. Now it's time to go thrifting again for vintage jewelry. I just recently learned about a thrift store in Pratville. Time to check it out! I love collecting jewelry and purses! Ok so what do you think of my finds? xoxo

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  1. I'm lovin the new header hun. And those overalls, those overalls! Honey!!

    1. Thanks Dani! I can't wait to DIY my overalls ! :)


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