The Styler Chit Chat with Angelica Hennata

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Meet Indonesian fashion blogger Angelica Hennata. Hennata is a fun spirited, bright and talented fashion designer. She is also the creator of SLWM new header! Whoot! Whoot! It was a pleasure of even communicating with Hennata. Her bubbly personality shines from overseas and throughout her blog. Watch as this young lady climbs her way into the Indonesian fashion capital and beyond. Her talent is limitless! Be sure to check out her blog!

Name: Angelica Hennata             
Age: 17  

-Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Unexpected young woman who truly believes with destiny. As everyone knows, fashion is my real passion and nobody can tear me down. Live in big faith and super big spirited because I have many dreams to goal it and too busy to over thinking. J

-What inspires your illustrations?
Everything! Can from everywhere and anywhere, but fashion bloggers inspired me a lot!

Hennata's Illustrations

Hennata's Illustrations

-Your favorite blogs?
Simple, but I love the way she writes words.

-Are you a thrifty shopper or more of a top retail shopper?
Actually I’m a thrifty shopper

-Who are your top 3 favorite fashion designers?
It’ll be Melta Tan from Indonesia, Jean Paul Gaultier from France, and Biyan Wanaatmadja from Indonesia

-Your blog has an interesting header? What brought about the name of your blog?
First of all, thanks :) Luciole means "firefly" and Vivace means "lasting" or "forever". When I dream about this blog I just wanted to be small, tiny, maybe invisible, but with beautiful, cheerful of the light will shining forever and just inspire many people. Simple way to say, I just want to be small people with big action who can inspire people forever. J

-What is your dream place to vacation?
Eropa, Paris, eiffel! I’m addicted of it for life, no lie ;)

-I see that you are a designer. What can your readers expect from you in the next year or so?
I’m expecting to be one of Indonesia's fashion designers who has great work to share, be featured more by  amazing people, and get the interest of my readers.

-Any encouraging words for upcoming designers/bloggers?
The most important thing is to be what you are. Find the real you so people can remember you forever in a good way.

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