Off to the Races

9:56 AM

Off to the Races

"And I'm off to the races, cases of Bacardi chasers
Chasing me all over town
Cause he knows I'm wasted, facing
Time again at Riker's Island and I won't get out
Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and save me
I'm your little scarlet, starlet singing in the garden
Kiss me on my open mouth
Ready for you" 
-"Off t the Races" Lana Del Rey

Summer breeze and palm trees, dressed in denim dungarees. :) I envision summer as a breeze. I've been working so hard these past few weeks that I just need time to relax a little bit. Why not put together a chill yet fashionable ensemble for a  weekend get-a-way. 

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