DIY: Zara Inspired Skort ft. SLOABN

7:41 PM

A trend that has caught my eye recently is the Zara skort. Skorts as we should all know (well mostly girls) from childhood are a combo of shorts and a skirt, thus creating a "Skort". This skort has been sported a few of my fav fashion bloggers (Q2Han & SLOABN). The skort entails sharp triangled cuts in the front that add edge to the skort.

Today, I was so ecstatic to find a cheaper route to achieving the luxury apparel look without spending the price. This skort from Zara cost $50 in US currency. SLOABN created a great DIY on how to get this sought after skirt. So pull out your note pad or keep a mental note and enjoy this DIY :)

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