History Repeats in New Generation Music

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" Blacks hung such as fruit on the trees. Swinging in the breeze." Nina Simone's soulful and jazzy voice sang these lyrics in her song "Strange Fruit". Who would've thought to describe the ones lynched as strange fruit? It paints a vivid picture in our minds as to what it looked like during those times. You could hear the sorrow in Simone's voice. She evoked feeling and anger. One could say, "How could people hate a race so bad to do those awful things?" May never know. So many things are happening today from black on black crime to racial violence. Even though we may not see racism  explicitly, it still does exist. It lurks around that little corner your mom tells you not to go to because you're not allowed. It lives within the trees and plants it's seeds into ignorant minds. 

"Strange Fruit" by Nina Simone 

Kanye West used Simone's chorus in his song "Blood on the Leaves" from his Yeezus album. Although the lyrics do not captivate the message of Simone's song it does make an interesting chorus to this song.

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