July Must-haves

5:36 PM

July Must-haves

July is the middle child of summer! Ever heard the cliche' that the middle child always acts out for attention? Well we're  most def doing that this summer! From outlandish graphic tees, transparent handbags, to bold statement printed clothing. We will make our mark in July. For one, Independence day has our back on fashion statements. We can wear, do, and say whateverrrrr because this is our time! 

Although summer is suppose to be "sunny" it has been raining all freakin' week herein southern Alabama. Total bummer! :( On the bright side transparent shoes are there for the save! You'll have the rain saying "Can't touch this!" while doing the MC Hammer dance lol.

And what's the summer without those hippie sunglasses ehh? You can dress them up or dress them down with any outfit of choice cause it's THUG LIFE! :)

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