Merry Christmas from Cali

5:40 AM

Okay, so my title is misleading lol, but I do want to spend Christmas in Cali one day. Yesterday was Christmas but I was having too much fun to post yesterday.

My son was so happy to open his gifts! He's seven months now and we let him rip into his own gifts haha it was so cute. 

My outfit yesterday was pretty simple and being that it was cold I had on my fav camo jacket. I got a special gift yesterday ....besides Carter.... It's my new Brother sewing machine!!

It has 100 stitches, even and overlock stitch so I won't need a serger any time soon. It also has a few different presser feet like the zipper, blind hem, overlock, and zigzag foot! It's a big difference from my last Brother sewing machine. My new one is computerized ! But I won't be using this one just yet however. 

I was hoping for a camera to take blog post pics and also record Youtube videos, but I'll have to save for the one I want, which is fine. I really would like the Samsung Smart Camera or the Nikon. 

Can anyone recommend a good camera for YouTube videos and pictures in an affordable price range?

Now on to my outfit...

Shirt & joggers- CitiTrends , Shoes-, Hat- Charlotte Russe, Necklace, Forver21, Jacket- Simply Fashion

The shirt I have on is like and inch or two above my knees so I tied it in th front. Originally I wanted to wear a skirt and knee socks but my family is unpredictable an we could be outside playing volleyball! The pants are very comfortable. My shoes have cut out in the heel area an on the sides. Nothing to fancy for Christmas just simple. 

How did you spend your Christmas!

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