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Hey fashion lovers! Today I will be showing you how to make a crochet wig. I've been seeing a crochet trend on Youtube and Pinterest so I thought I would make my own. I was inspired by BorderHammer's video click here to see her video. 

-Mesh Wig and Weave Liner
-Manniquin head and stand
-Crochet hook
-Conditioner of choice 
-Detangling comb or brush
- 4 to 5 pks. Of Marley Braid hair *my head is very large*
-Perm rods

Before I got started I made sure to customize my Manniquin head so the wig  could fit perfectly. I did this by taking my head measurements. If you don't know how to measure your head for a wig >click here< to see a video on how to do it.

Now I put my wig cap on my Manniquin, then I took the hair out of the pack. The hair I'm using is Femi Collection Marley Braid hair I forgot the exact color number. I wanted to try this color to step outside my comfort zone and do a little experimenting. The hair is 19' long folded so I cut it in half on the fold line. 

I took a few strands and detangled with a Detangling comb. I also applied about a quarter size amont of my Biosilk conditioner to soften the hair a bit. 

Next, I took my perm rods and a detangled hair strand. I tapered the end of hair I cut with the scissors to get rid of that blunt cut edge. Then, I started at the bottom of my perm rod and wrapped the hair, as I wrapped I twisted the hair as I was rolling so the curl won't be flat when I take it down. 

Once all the hair is rodded you want to get a microwave safe bowl or a pot to boil water in it. I microwaved the water for about five to six minutes so it can be hot enough to let the hair take the shape of the rod. BE CAREFUL THE WATER WILL BE HOT!! Let the hair soak for 20 seconds. Have your towel laid out so you can place the wet rods on and dry. Now you can let the hair dry overnight or unwrap twenty minutes after you get them out the water. After you let them soak, get them out with tongs, a fork or something.... Anything but your hands because the water is hot! 

Place the wet rodded hair on a towel and  towel blot the excess water. 

If you decide to take the hair off the rod after soaking be sure to unwrap the hair the same way wrapped it around the rod so the curl won't fall. 

Here's the fun part! Making the wig! I put my hair on in a triangle style pattern. My wig is really full looking. 

So take the crochet hook open the latch and slide it through 3-4 of the loops on the wig cap. Fold your hair in half and attach the hook to the folded section and close the latch. Pull through and open the latch the hair will create a loop, so take the other end of hair and pull it through the loop the create a knot. I only did one knot but you can do two for extra security on the cap. 

I spaced the hair so it was like five loops in between each knot. Since I did a triangle pattern I also went four spaces up in between two knots. Continue this around the wig until you're done. 

Once finished try your wig on to style it to your liking. I gave my wig a cut in the fringe (bang) area to frame my face. 

Now congrats! You have just completed your crochet wig!

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