A Real House of Mess while Vactioning in Mexico | My 1st RHOA Recap

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Hey loves, I usually blog about fashion, but I decided to explore other things. I'm giving you my first recap of RHOA! Now I haven't been a true fan of the show considering that this is the first real season I have watched in it's entirety. 

However, let me say honey maybe I should have been watching this show's previous seasons. Collectively I feel as though NeNe's reign as MISS SUPREME is coming to a slow end with Kenya to fill her spot. The opening picture is quite funny to me because if you notice the two ""QUEENS" are sitting as the others are standing by and look who's standing by the "QUEENS", their enemies. Now I don't know about y'all but something has got to give.

Okay, so if you've been watching the show you know that Kenya has set up this whole little vacation for everyone in Mexico. It starts of where last episode left with Apollo and Kenya having a conversation so Kenya can "clear the air." Now it's a lot wrong with this picture!

1. Kenya still is trying to talk to Apollo alone!

2. Apollo is a married man and doesn't respect his wife's wishes to STOP TALKING TO KENYA!

3. Kenya had ulterior motives from the beginning since everyone has arrived in Mexico.

4. Todd & Peter tried to tell Apollo not to go and talk alone with Kenya, but he just seems to giddy to talk to her.


Like seriously what is Kenya trying to prove here? To me it seems like Apollo is just to stupid (as most men are) to recognize when a woman is up to something. And if your WIFE has told you not to do something why won't you listen?

Now moving on, so we see Kenya, Ms. Lawerence, Cynthia & Peter on the beach and Kenya gives her little spill on what happened last night since she wasn't around. As Kenya gets into her story Peter could not help but take note of her choice of words and the way she tells her story. I don't think Peter is wrong for this, but it apparently causes problem between him and Greg, but that's later on in the show. Ms. Lawerence has the nerve to say "Kenya and Apollo have this Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie relationship and then Jennifer Anniston walks up." That was nothing but pure shade!! Kenya must be holding a secret of Apollo's because their whole conversation from earlier was like in circles. It's crazy. 

So apparently it's close to Phaedra's birthday and Apollo had Kandi set up this little surprise for her. Phaedra arrives with Apollo and he has her blind folded. Yall Apollo had a pinata at this little party and you won't believe what was in it. CONDOMS!!! Like I just can't! Why do you have your wife bursting a pinata open full of condoms? Who are those really for ...you to use on Kenya? 

To make things worse, after Kandi speaks her good words about Phaedra, Apollo goes up and he barely says a damn thing! He didn't even acknowledge the fact that he was married to Phaedra! It was a short speech just like Nene's at Kenya little charity event!

Moving on to the real juicy part of the show...Kenya, as I stated earlier clearly has ulterior motives. She has a little couple night cap kinda thing going on and you can guess she's following the ways of NeNe from her couples night, which ended in a fiasco! She has questions for the couples and NeNe's question stirred the pot. Her question was "Name something someone does that annoys you." Well NeNe started to go in on Porsha, saying how she was ignorant for her previous comment about old men love to have sex slow. Then she turned it on Kandi saying she was ignorant for saying that mother nature has stopped visiting her. Honestly, NeNe just loves labeling people as this or that especially Peter! Then the couples get into a question about cheating! Y'all I was ready to slap Apollo for his answers. It's like man do you hear yourself!? You're saying that if your wife cheats you would want her to use condoms, oh so is that why you filled the pinata up with gold packs?

I know men do stupid things, but my goodness it's like Apollo do you respect your wife or your marriage? That gets Todd and Peter heated because they're thinking well if my spouse is going to cheat then why be married when I could just be single doing my own thing. In a marriage you become one, not two separate parties Apollo! Kenya later dismisses the men and its just the women left. As always Kenya feels that they need to address some things and "clear the air". When Kenya went for Phaedra...honey, it wasn't anything nice. Y'all know how Kenya loves to hit below the belt. So Phaedra is like "I really don't want you talking to my husband so stop trying to be our friend!" Then Kenya comes back with, "I know YOU don't want to be my friend but please don't speak for your husband." Like at some point Kenya when are you going to respect these people in a relationship? So Porsha chimes in stating how Kenya doesn't know what it's like to be married and so and so. Kenya jumps down Porsha's throat and says "well how would you know with your arranged marriage? You signed on to be Cordell's beard remember?" Kenya hits with all low blows y'all. These women can barely sit down and have a cool and calm conversation without them over speaking one another and hitting below the belt.

Now, the men on the other hand are getting just as worse as the women. Greg feels the need to address Peter for how "he go in NeNe's face" at the charity event. Do I feel like Peter got in NeNe's face? No. He was simply stating the obvious, NeNe pulled a very childish antic! Greg gets all loud and what not and Todd comes in-between these two old men because they were close to fighting. It was just a mess!!

Well, I can't wait til the next episode, cause once again NeNe and Peter are in each other's faces question is when is Cynthia going to say something before NeNe takes things to far?

Enjoyed this recap? Well let me know if you guys want more recaps like this in the comment section! 

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