Baby Boy Haul + 30 Week Pregnancy Vlog

11:10 AM

As you guys/gals may know I am expecting :) My little unborn son is truly a blessing and I can't wait to meet him. I try to record my pregnancy updates, but shoot I get lazy and tired. However, I do upload my belly shots on my Instagram page: @styleliveswithime_ 

I am naming my son Carter for the simple fact that I really love this name and it is simple, yet unique. My child's future was thought of during the name process, thus is why I strayed away from off the wall names that would not help him get employment in the future. His middle name is very strange to some people, it is Jaxon, but it is pronounced "Jackson". Either way he's still a cool little dude that hasn't even arrived yet!

It seems like every-time I go shopping I get sucked into the baby aisles! I'm just agitated that it always appears to be more girls' clothing than little boys. Still I manage to find him some nice pieces. 

Also, this past weekend I had my baby shower, which was beyond amaze-balls! The theme was Safari/Jungle themed with the colors of baby blue, green, brown, and white. My invitations looked like passports. At first I wanted to have a gender reveal party, back when I found out the sex, but now I think just having a baby shower was fine.

Okay, so let's get to my symptoms:
-Mild swelling of feet **not stated in video**

Things I love so far to eat:
-Fish Sandwiches from Mickey D's
-Mozzarella Sticks

How's Carter?
-He is very active (kicking, punching A LOT)
-Very good heartbeat *Last checked this Tuesday..140*

How many weeks am I currently?
-I am 30 weeks and 4 days.

My Baby Shower Cake...IT WAS CHOCOLATE!!

Me with my Mom-to-Be sash

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