Collection Glance: Kate Spade Saturday Fall 2013

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|History Tidbit|: . The founder, Kate Brosnahan Spade, set out to design the perf handbag during the year of 1993. Kate was going to use only six silhouettes for the collection. She created a combo of sleek, utilitarian shapes and colorful palettes. Kate's innovative designs would soon be seen all over the world. The first Kate Spade shop opened in 1996 in NYC. 

Kate Spade NY is known for its quirky, cool, graphic prints. This collection is nothing but cool colors, rad bags and playful combos. I find Spade's collection to be very modern for any woman whether you're a college student, working gal, or mom! Her line showcases all these things. Some of the pieces are very sporty and let's not forget those handbags! Ready for the on-the-go woman or casual daytime. The bags are colorful and add extra sass to your outfit. 

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Which is your favorite look and where would you wear it?

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