DIY: H&M Neon Ribbon Chain Necklace

6:05 PM

A little DIY Wednesday anyone? As we all know H&M has added online shopping to their website (YAY!). H&M is known for their trendy, high fashion clothing at affordable prices. I brought you this DIY inspired by this necklace |Down Below|

This necklace costs only $7.95. Click here to purchase from H&M

DIY video below |Check It Out|

-Chain Necklace
-Bobby Pins

Step 1: Lay out all materials. Take the necklace and cording and hold.

Step 2: Secure thread/cording in place with bobby pin. Thread through chain at the top and knot it.

Step 3: Weave in and out of the necklace until you reach the other end and knot it. You can secure each knot with glue so it can stay in tact. 

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