The Styler Chit Chat with Leslie Eugene of UrPrettyHaute

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Evening fashion lovers! I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Leslie Eugene of UrPrettyHaute. She is making her way in the fashion industry. Impeccable style, both for herself and her clients. 
| Check out the interview with Leslie below. |

Name: Leslie Eugene
Age: ---

1. What is the concept behind your blogs title "Pretty Haute"?
Honestly, I started calling myself Pretty Haute when I created a MySpace profile back in 2007. Then when people I did not personally saw me out in public, they would always refer to me as Pretty Haute. It was a name that just stuck with me.

2. Where do you pull inspiration from?
 Omg, from everywhere. Besides Pinterest, I'm an avid Bloglovin viewer. I follow a lot of Street Fashion Blogs for inspiration.

3. Do you have an, alter ego when you're doing photo-shoots?
I'm pretty anal when it comes to styling so maybe I do, I just need to figure out what's her name. Lol

4. What's an average day like for you?
Wow, my friends believe I'm a workaholic, which I am! There's just not many hours in the day. Because I am a single mother with a full time job it never feels like there's enough hours in a day. Even though i work from home, my job alone takes 8-12 hours of my day.An average starts at 5 a.m.-7 a.m (when I'm working overtime) a little before 7, my daughter is dropped to the bus stop. During breaks and lunch I'm on Bloglovin getting inspiration for my next post or creating a new blog post and sharing it on all my social accounts. Around 3:30  I'm getting ready for an hour workout. By 5:30 I pick my daughter up from the bus stop. If I'm working a 12 hr shift I will complete the last 2 hours. I try to prepare my weekly dinner on Sundays so I don't have to cook during the week. After going over homework, cleaning up and taking a shower, I would dedicate time to checking out other blogs, responding to emails, tweeting and creating another post. By the time I'm done with that its about 11 p.m or midnight.

5. Favorite beauty goodies right now?
 I just did a beauty post about L'oreal True Match Foundation. The first beauty product I purchased from a drugstore and I absolutely love it.

6. Three things you can't live without?
Faux lashes, Clarisonic & iPhone.I know you said 3 but I can't live without groomed eyebrows lol.

7. What made you get into fashion?
 A classmate of mines showed me a fashion illustration of her prom dress, I was stunned how she could make a sketch come to life. I thought this was something I can do, so I went to school for Fashion Design. While in school, my freshman year, I would sale denim that i would hand paint. I started selling them to friends, then to strangers and as consignment to boutiques. My mother noticed how ambitious I was and fronted me $10,000 to open my own clothing store. At the age if 18, I was the owner of a trendy boutique. Be'l Tifi boutique was opened for 5 years. During that time I created long term relationships with my customers. I became a personal shopper, buyer, and stylist. It was at that moment I knew styling was fashion consulting was my passion.

8. Favorite bloggers/stylists?

 Karla's Closet is my favorite blogger. I never knew what a fashion blogger was until I stumbled on her page. She inspired me to start my blog.

9. Places you love to shop?
 I'm an avid online shopper. My favorite online stores are Asos and Topshop. I also love finding unique treasures from vintage and thrift stores. When I do decide to shop in the malls, you'll most likely find me in Zara and H&M.

10. Where do you see your career in the next 3yrs?

 In 3 years I hope to be the owner of a successful trendy boutique. Be acknowledge by my peers as a successful blogger and fashion stylist. I just want to wake up everyday doing what I love to do, getting paid would just be a bonus.

11. Any encouraging words for other aspiring bloggers/stylists?
Yes, if styling and blogging is truly a passion you have, then be proactive. Do your research, network and most importantly be optimistic. This career requires a lot of patience, consistency and determination. I read a quote yesterday that stuck with me. "One of the greatest skill sets you can have is hunger, you have to be hungry"

| Photo Sources: UrPrettyHaute |

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