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Hi fashion lovers! I have a contest for you! Choies holding a contest called "Find Something" until September 5th. The contest entails of finding the selected items you like, sharing, and entering the contest. Sounds simple right? Well, as for any contest there are a few ground rules to be established before getting the ultimate prize, FREE ITEMS!! Below are the rules/instructions for entering the contest. 

How to Play? 
                                  1. Sign Up or Sign In first to Enter this Game.
                                  2. Have a look at the following Sketches and then try to find out the real items within this link:
                                  3. Write down the SKUs and comment. (Try to find as many as possible. 4 at least.) 
                                  4. Share this game to your BFF and submit. **
                                  5. Join the Lucky Draw to get a chance to win the items or points.***
                                  Ends on Aug.31st

|Click on "Start Now" to Find Something :)|

Let's Play and Win - Find Something
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