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Today, I discovered a new online shopping site called Choies. It is a street style online shop that offers unique, trendy, and seasonal clothing for it's customer. A Choies banner that was displayed on a fav blogger of mine (FromHatstoHeels) caught my attention. Choies offers great discounts and reasonable pricing on their clothing. You earn points from sign up and creating your profile...$15 ! That's great! Also each time you shop you earn rebate points! Currently I'm in the stage of gaining my VIP status on the site. This is one site that will be having my fashion business for a while! Below are a few thing on my Choies wishlist, if you like some things I've chose just click the link. Also the Choies banner is to the right of my blog. Check them out!

Mesh Peep Toe Ankle Boots With Zip detail
These mesh peep toe heels seem so cool for the incoming fall. The mesh material is a breathable fabric for my feet and will be a cool statement shoe if I'm going for that rocker glam look. Just check out the skull head on the side and the gold zipper detail. Get it here.

Pointed High Heeled Sandal Boots
Cutout booties have been seen everywhere but they just cost so much if you're going for the high-end designer price. Luckily on Choies it is so reasonable and looks to have great quality fabric. Get it here.

Goddess Printed Tee With Long Sleeves (Unisex)
I love pullovers now for some reason. The religious picture is a great added touch as well. The angel print have been spotted from t-shirts to skirts and I simply must-have one. Get it here.

Oil Painting Contrast Two-Piece Suit With Belt 
Aww! The two piece suits! This oil painting suit caught my eye from it's bold and sensual colors. I love color to be added in my outfits and this definitely would be a go-to piece. Get it here.
Scenery Print Vest Dress With Cut Out Back

 Looking for a scenic view well people will love the view of this dress. It's form fitting and has a cute cutout in the back. This dress can be worn for many different occasions. Get it here


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