Am I nude with cowgirl boots on?

10:50 PM

Necklace Wet Seal / Watch Thrifted / Bag Thrifted / Boots Thrifted 
|Photographer: Raven Jones|

Hello there fashion lovers! Today was a chic cowgirl day for me. The weather was extremely warm, but still good enough for me to wear my boots. So many good things have been happening lately that I am so grateful and humble for it all! My blog has been on the rise lately and I hope it stays that way. I appreciate everyone that takes out time to visit my blog. So for today, I got with my good friend Raven to do a cool OOTD post. Raven is a friend and classmate of mine (fashion design majors!) I have another surprise about Raven, but I will let you guys know later :) The title of this post is quite PG-13 lol, but it came from my lovely dress I am wearing. I cannot remember where I got the dress from, but it had to be Ross

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