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 Evening fashion lovers! Everyone has a dream are goal that they are trying to make come true. I had the pleasure of getting to know a very fashionable, dream seeking young lady by the name of Leondra Saintil. She is on the rise to great things. I wish her nothing but success on her fashion journey.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
 Well my name is Leondra. I'm 19 years old and live where you vacation (Miami)! I'm attending Miami Dade College Wolfson campus and plan on transferring to FSU where I will study Mass communications. I live for fashion! I've interned a lot to gain my experience. I just finished interning for the Miami Fashion Film Festival this weekend where I met great Fashion Bloggers such as Electric Blogarella & Nikki Novo! I like to style myself and blog my different looks. I also enjoy styling other people because I want to be a fashion stylist.

2. What does fashion mean to you?
 Fashion to means finding or creating your own style while embracing it. Whether it’s from your hair, shoes, or your art work. Fashion can be anything you want it to be.


3.Top 3 favorite brands or designers.
Uhhhhh that’s hard ! lol I love Yohji Yamamoto (y-3), Adidas opening ceremony and Isabel Marant.

4. Any major projects in the works? 
There is definitely a lot in store for me! That includes a re-launch of my fashion blog & YouTube account. I also will be a Pavoe rep which I won’t give too many details on because it’s still in the works but you can definitely Google it to get an idea. I will be working with designer Ashley Chin for her line Vane for decades.  I’m pretty much doing everything I can within the fashion field. So look out for me!

 5. What do you hope to accomplish in your fashion career  in the next 3 years? 
In the next 3 years, I plan on graduating with my bachelors in mass communications/Journalism, using that as an outlet to be a fashion journalist interning for Deco Drive in Miami or an intern for Seventeen magazine!  Somehow, I will be well known.

6. Your dream place to work and why? 
My dream job is to work with Seventeen magazine and have my own fashion column and style major celebrities because with these two things I can express my sense of style through different ways not just by dressing myself. I want to show my versatility in others. I want to inspire girls who are afraid to embrace their own style.

What are your favorite trends? 
 My favorite trend is the Kanye trend lol well that’s what I call it. So let me explain; the leather drop crotch pants, leather long tees, wearing all black and all white. Denim on top of denim. Reeboks &Nikes.  I also love the plaid trends.

8. What inspires you? 
 Hmmmmm that’s hard to answer too. A lot of things inspire me lol but, the life that I live is what inspires me the most. I’m not content in my lifestyle. My drive comes from the struggle and where I’m from which motivates me to become more of what others expect of themselves. I don’t want to live an ordinary life. I got to make it out!

9. How can the readers get in contact with you? (email, blog, social platforms?) 
 Readers can hit me up on my
 Twitter: @_Jetlee_  
Instagram: badgyalleelee
Check out my Tumblr:
10. Any encouraging words for the readers? 
 I always encourage people to be themselves because everyone else is taken. That’s what makes you, you.

|Photo Sources: Leondra Saintil|

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