Dear Freedom,

1:06 PM

College is a big wide open door for freedom. I must say that I am really enjoying my college experiences thus far. Each day I strive to make better than the other because you can't dwell in the past.Just live life...freely.

I visited my college's lake on campus Tuesday. I was suppose to take pictures earlier that day but things were a little hay wire and they got delayed. The next day, I was so excited to get my cover-up tattoo. I LOVE IT! I'm just on the verge of new beginnings. The feather represents me being able to float into any situation or task, freely, with knowledge and wisdom. Freedom is an adjunct to the feather. The tattoo place I went to is called, Artifacts Tattoo. Tattoo artists are so freaking cool it's ridiculous. Like really, they are the ones who exude freedom. Whether it's freedom of expression through words or art! I freaking love them! 
My artist sketched it on me first and I was like man this is amazing, I wish I could draw like that :).

Maybe sometime next month or later in September I will find some museums in my area to explore. I've been dying to see an art exhibit. 

MY LOOK AT THE LAKE: Top Forever21 / Pants H&M / Converse Necklace Wet Seal

MY LOOK AT THE TATTOO SHOP: Top DIY / Skirt Forever21/ Shoes Wet Seal/ Hat Wet Seal/Bag Thrifted

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