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Another summer has ended and it's time for the most awesome part of the year...Back-to-School season!! Ok, so maybe that sounded a little crazy, but really getting ready for the new school year can be quite exhilarating.  I've gathered up some of the best stylist and fashion bloggers I could think of to shed some insight on how to approach the school year in a fashionable way. Whether you're in middle school, high school or college these BTS fashion tips/tricks can be quite helpful.

So grab a notepad, your favorite beverage and let this fashion knowledge digest well. Hopefully, by the end of this post you fashion lovers will be refined, refreshed, and versatile with your fashion.

Let's get started shall we.....
Meet the lovely style panel!

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1. Wardrobe staples every  college student should have?

Dani F.: a) A pair of amazing jeans and comfortable tennis shoes/sneakers. Walking across campus is daunting at times and trust me, your feet will thank you.
 b) A business suit/professional outfit- You'll have to give a presentation that requires you to dress up at least once in your college career.

Jasmine C: Some wardrobe staples I would suggest would be button up blouses/shirts and blazers. The two give off a very studious demeanor, and are great for interviews. 

Leslie E: This Fall every college girl should consider having a satchel, a statement coat, flannel shirt, knitted beanie, denim, basic white button down, blazer and a pant/skirt suit

Hiwote B: The fall season there are so many ways to keep up with the trends.  I will give you 10 items that every college girl can’t go without! a.)  Make sure to get a jacket that is versatile and easy to layer over other pieces.  I think simple and solid is the way to go!  I suggest in investing in a neutral colored jacket, such as a steel gray or black, so you can wear it with everything.  Such as, bright colors and prints.  If you’re in a much cooler climate, blazers, leather jackets, are awesome for school. b.) Jeans are so great for school, especially in the fall/winter.  A pair of dark denim and light jeans gives you best of both worlds and will go with everything. c.)  Please don’t be boring and consume your life with just jeans all year long.  Shorts are a great way to stay semi-warm and still pull off that look.  A pair of shorts or high-wasted shorts is great with some thick rights, and you can wear them with almost always anything!  Such as, a loose top with a long cardigan and some boots! 

2. What are some tricks to maximize your wardrobe?

Dani F: a) Make sure that you choose items that can do double duty. But that, I mean items that you can layer and build different outfits on (ie wearing your dress as a skirt by simply placing a tee over it.) B) stay true the the essentials- classic pieces that never go out of style, this way, you won't find yourself trying to replace your entire wardrobe every year. c) Look at fashion mags/websites for styling inspiration- these places are great for finding refreshing ways to wear older items d) Consider upcycling- Got items that are way past their trend date? Look into ways to make them look new again! Maybe changing the buttons or shortening the hem, a little alteration can go a long way to make clothing last longer.

Jasmine C: A trick that I always use to maximize my closet is just basic solid tanks and t-shirts. You can never have too many v-necks. You can mix and match, keep it casual or play it up with accessories or other pieces. 

Leslie E: Buying separates and accessories can maximize your wardrobe. My favorites are a blazer, chambray shirt and a bold jewelry. Each item can be transition from day to night or from work to a dinner date. To push the envelope pair any look with prints or a pop of color.

DeAndre S: Layering your clothes can add definition and also let you put more looks together.

Hiwote B: My little secret to maximize my closet is really the sales rack!  And proud of it!  Another way that I found is not to throw away any of your old clothes if you know the trend is going to come back again.  For the past couple of years I’ve found so many old clothes that I love now!

3. How would you transition your summer wear into the fall season?

Dani F: The easiest way is to layer cardigans/jackets and pair tights with those summer dresses and shorts. This is also give a more polished feel to your outfit.

Leslie E:That's actually my favorite time of the year. Adding a faux fur vest or a faux leather jacket to any sundress or maxi will prepare you for the cool weather. The key word is layer.

DeAndre S: I like eventually slide my winter looks in during the fall, like a pair of pants. Just to see how they look.

Hiwote B: In most parts of the country fall and winter can be relatively the same.  For example, one of my favorite statement outfits for school that incorporates both fall and winter is a pair of leggings, loose top, leather jacket, scarf, and some boots(can be sleek or army boots).

4. Budget friendly places college students can shop?
Dani F: I'm a fan of thrift shopping! You can also find great bargains and really unique pieces. Target is also one of my favorite store and forever 21. Also you can try only shopping like etsy and Ebay.

Jasmine C: There are plenty of places that are budget friendly. You can find great deals on clothing when it is out of season. You can find some great deals on fall and winter clothing during the summer! 

Leslie E:Consignment and 2nd-hand stores are pretty popular now. A great place for students that prefer shopping for unique items that are inexpensive. Stores like H&M, Target, Forever 21 and JC Penny are trendy stores that guarantee to provide many options at great prices. 

DeAndre S:  A couple places to go to save money is, number one the thrift store. I really love going to the nastiest thrift store, because a lot of people would never step foot in there.

Hiwote B:  I love finding great clothes for an affordable price.  Stores such as Forever21, H&M, and CottonOn have great sale items!  Also, I love looking for little unknown stores in the area.  They always have deals when it comes to locals shopping.

5. Any products (clothing, electronics, etc.)  you would recommend for college students?

Dani F: Hmm for incoming freshmen, invest in a recorder. These definitely helps when you have really lecture heavy courses. 

Jasmine C: Leather is hot right now! Leather hats, pants, shirts, and ect. Bondage netting is the rage right now also... Think like mesh jerseys, bondage shorts, pieces that look like netting. Great for a gothic, edgy style. 

Leslie E: An USB Hubdog, a desktop message board, a smartphone, and tablet or iPad.

DeAndre S: Every guy should have a watch, a watch can help you keep up with the time and also add definition to your look.

Hiwote B:  I must say one clothing product I can recommend for the fall season is to invest in a great leather jacket.  Leather jackets can be worn with everything!!  I mean EVERYTHING!!! From leggings to jeans to shorts to dresses.

6.What gives a student an A+ in your book of fashion for back-to-school

Dani F: That would be the student that definitely wants to make an impression on their first day. They are put together and trendy without trying too hard. 

Jasmine C: I would give a student an A+ in my books if thy are just themselves and original. I get tired of seeing repeated styles and I'm constantly looking for inspiration and fresh ideas. Make different looks an element of your own. 

Leslie E: Be true to yourself, you don't have to follow the trends to be stylish.

DeAndre S:  A+ Style Students always keep it original with their wardrobe. You fail if you copy & paste.

Hiwote B:  The student that gets a A+ in my book is someone that is always comfortable but knows her style.  I mean its school after all, be comfortable is always key.  An outfit has to always be simple, but it’s the detail that’s make the statement.

7. What are some encouraging words you would give incoming freshmen students?  

Dani F: College is not a popularity contest where you have to try and fit in. Take the time to find yourself, discover your style and what makes you happy. Look great and Be great!

Jasmine C:  Be confident in everything you do! Don't be scared to ask for help. Your professors are your best friend so make your presence known and that you open to learn. It's a lifesaver I promise!

Leslie E: Be patient and understand everything you want to know may not come to you right away. Think of what your small or long term goals are then write it down or tear sheets of pictures that inspire you. Ask yourself, "Where do I want to be in the next 3 months, 6 months or even a year". Remember… "A goal without a plan is just a wish" (another quote I seen today on my Instagram feed)

DeAndre S:  Go for your dream, and never let anyone steal your idea. Stay confident and bold. 

Hiwote B: Stay true to yourself and everything else will fall into place.  Fashion is a form of expression; it’s how one says who they are without say anything.  To express yourself through style is a very powerful tool, you can say whatever you want and no one can take that away from you.


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