Zendaya Replays Cassie instead...

5:42 PM

Ok, so I'm pretty sure everyone listens to music or watches music videos. Well, recently Zendaya, from Disney, showed new video to her new single "Replay"  and it caught my attention. At first I thought is this Cassie, but it was not! Zendaya stated that she was channeling Aaliyah, but to me it seems as though she was calling for Cassie. Although, she did have a little of Aaliyah swagger going on it still screamed Cassie's name.
For those of you that don't know who Cassie is, she is a R&B singer that came out like around 2005 after being signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records label. Her single "Me & U" was a major hit. In Z's video you can see the similarities that could easily be compared to Cassie's "Me & U" video. The song is still upbeat and modern. Definitely, a song you could dance too or that puts you in a good mood. 

Check out the videos and comment what you think. Are they similar? YAY or NAY?
Zendaya "Replay"

Cassie "Me & U"

Check out the behind the scenes footage & mini interview with Zendaya

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