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Evening loves! Hope you guys are having fantastic Friday! So I thought today would be a fashion sharing story. It's so typical that every college student, even adults, shop on the weekend. Beginning to bring in the weekend festivities with a banging ensemble! "Girl, where did you get that?" or "I'm loving that dress honey!", are the things you hear. 

Over my years of shopping I've learned quite a few things:

  • Shop within your means; meaning if you only brought in $50 and your eyes get bigger than your wallet, then something has to go back!
  • Pick shopping days or set aside money for shopping. *College students
  • Look at the clearance racks
  • Try to find out when your favorite store is having sale day such as "Additional 50% off", "BOGO"
  • If you're a college student ask does the store do student discounts (every little bit helps)
  • Get store loyalty cards *They are free and give you added discounts to merchandise and you get member benefits when you sign up*
  • Find new places to shop; expand your shopping horizons; If you always go into a store and shop try online shopping from that store 9 times out of 10 the online site has some things you won't find in-store
  • Try on the items before you buy because some stores (mainly boutiques) have a strict "NO RETURN" policy
  • Enjoy shopping!

Since I've been in college I really have to budget my money, but I think that is with anyone. Also, if you have a car, look for jobs in retail stores if you love fashion. It's great experience for your career and you can reap the benefits of being an employee. :)

My top 5 places to shop (drum roll please)

1.) Forever21- I finally found an in-store here not far from my college, which is great. I used to shop from the online site A LOT when I was in high school. My fascination with F21 came when I got like my 2nd check from my old job and I said, "I want to go online shopping." I believe they were having a sale that day or something, maybe not, but I do remember getting this lovely bow-tie sheer pink chiffon blouse, navy blue linen shorts that had this s'mores colored buttons on each side and a pair of cheetah platform heels (that I got one size too big). 

2.) Amazon- I love shopping for books on this site and occasionally a few clothing items. Amazon carries an abundance of good reads. You can get the Kindle version or the hardback copies. What I do is see how I like the price, if it's good for a newer conditioned book I purchase it right away, if not I get the used copy. And I have a few used copies such as "Coldest Winter Ever", "Fly Girl" and a few more, but they look new!

3.) Choies- A new site that I discovered over the summer. So far I've ordered 3 things from this site. What makes them so amazing you ask? Well, for one they give you $15 worth of points for even signing up! Also, you earn rebate points each time you purchase an item! You can also use your points to discount your items, amazing right! Only downside is the length of time it takes to reach the United States.

4.) Ebay- Another site I use for books, electronics, and clothing. Ebay is similar to Amazon but different because you can bid on items as well as shop for them. I don't bid. I tried it one time and I refused to pay close to $100 on the item I was bidding on with another customer. SOOOO I just let them have that bidding stuff as long as the item I want has either free shipping or the buy now button I am good.

5.)Thrift Stores- YES!! This is my go-to place for some real vintage pieces or when I'm in my DIY mood. The thrift stores can be a real challenge sometimes because you never know how the store is going to look once you step inside. You could find the nastiest thrift store ever or you could find a clean one. You never know! Depending on the quantity of items you may have a hassle just finding a special item, but that's the beauty of the thrift store. Finding old items and turning them into new treasures. 



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